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10 Aug 2023
See a recap of the order of events at VAG EAST RAND's PULL UP event hosted on the 29th of July at Lakeside Car Wash. With MUJI Volkswagen Springs as the main automotive sponsor.
The T-Cross: Poetry in motion I Volkswagen
30 Jul 2021
The T-Cross is multitalented and uncompromisingly flexible. Enjoy these beautiful impressions from a ride along coast. On the longboard. And in the T-Cross.
Pimp my Touareg | Volkswagen
30 Jul 2021
There are cars that need to be modified to suit your demands. And then there’s the Volkswagen Touareg—in which all the swag and style is already included. Features like the ambient lighting and striking rims top off the next level experience. Are you ready to get your life pimped?
The Tiguan – Chasing the waves | Volkswagen
30 Jul 2021
Grace Doyle loves to be out in nature and is always looking for new adventures and challenges - the Tiguan is simply the perfect partner for this Irish surfer girl.
The new Polo | Who says you can’t?
29 Jul 2021
Stand out. Everywhere. Who says you can’t? Meet the new Polo.
The New Polo GTI
29 Jul 2021
Light it up. Who says you can’t? Meet the new Polo GTI.
Organise your luggage compartment with Volkswagen accessories
14 Apr 2021
Everything in its place! Volkswagen Accessories helps you organizing your luggage compartment. See for yourself what the luggage compartment solutions can do for a clear arrangement of all the small and bigger things you wish to take with you.
#TheDriveToDefy​ #NewTRoc​ Major Mandisa Mfeka’s story of defiance
14 Apr 2021
Who do you think you are? Introducing #TheDriveToDefy​ with Major Mandisa Mfeka, South Africa's first black female combat pilot.


Daniel & Jonathan Sunday Teaser 1

Jono and Dan were at it again as they prepared for the Sunday sprint at the Simola Hillclimb 2024! Their two FWD 300kW machines were gunning for the Top 10 shootout. Let’s see how they fared… #VWMotorsport#Motorsport#SHC2024#SimolaHillClimb#VWatSimola24

‘Prof’ Barnard Classic Friday Highlights

Cometh the hour, cometh the Legend! Volkswagen Motorsport Race Engineer Cobus ‘The Prof’ Barnard’s supped-up Mk1 Golf took on the Hill and made it all the way to the podium. 🥉💪 Take a look… #VWMotorsport #Motorsport #SHC2024 #SimolaHillClimb #VWatSimola24

Daniel & Jonathan Saturday Teaser 2

Nothing like friendly competition. 😉 Volkswagen Motorsport’s Jono and Dan took their ‘Supa-Supa’ Polos through their paces ahead of their Saturday time challenge at the 2024 Simola Hillclimb. Everyone was working hard to make sure that the team’s drivers and cars were in top shape before the start. 👌 #VWMotorsport #Motorsport #SHC2024 #SimolaHillClimb #VWatSimola24

Daniel & Jonathan Saturday Teaser 1

Even without international representation for Volkswagen Motorsport, the 2024 edition of the Simola Hillclimb promised to be epic! Watch how Volkswagen Motorsport drivers Jonathan Mogotsi and Daniel Rowe fueled their ‘Supa-Supa Cup’ Polos with “gees” during the build-up. #VWMotorsport #Motorsport #SHC2024 #SimolaHillClimb #VWatSimola24

‘Prof’ Barnard Classic Car Teaser

Not to be outdone, Volkswagen Motorsport Race Engineer Cobus ‘The Prof’ Barnard prepared a special entry for the Simola Hillclimb Classic Friday. To commemorate #50YearsOfGolf in 2024, he repurposed a Mk1 Golf from our Rally days and created a classic masterpiece! Take a look. #VWMotorsport #Motorsport #SHC2024 #SimolaHillClimb #VWatSimola24

Jonathan & Daniel Car Teaser 2

Make way for the beasts! Two locally-developed ‘Supa-Supa’ Polos would be our stars for the 2024 Hillclimb. Simola was never ready… #VWMotorsport #Motorsport #SHC2024 #SimolaHillClimb #VWatSimola24

Jonathan & Daniel Car Teaser 1

“Ready for the Hill?” This was a common question among petrol-heads and racing enthusiasts around April and May 2024, especially for our Volkswagen Motorsport Drivers Jonathan Mogotsi and Daniel Rowe. Last year’s Golf Rs and Petter Solberg’s WRX Polo R Supercar were always going to be a tough act to follow. Nonetheless, it looked like the team had something special up its sleeve for 2024… #VWMotorsport #Motorsport #SHC2024 #SimolaHillClimb #VWatSimola24

It’s My Lucky Day – T-Cross Special Offer

No need to break a leg to catch this lucky break. 😏 Get the T-Cross from just R4 799 per month* with our latest Special Offers!

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It’s My Lucky Day – Polo Vivo Special Offer

Make your own luck with our latest Special Offers on the Polo Vivo, starting at just R3 250 per month*!

#PoloVivo #SpecialOffers #volkswagen

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#ShouldaGotAVivo – Lean Into It

Get Mzansi’s most loved hatch with 24/7 roadside assistance and get the safety package with 15” Estrada alloy wheels, ESC and tyre pressure monitor for just R8100. #ShouldaGotAVivo #PoloVivo #Volkswagen #SpecialOffers

#ShouldaGotAVivo – Dent

Get Mzansi’s most loved hatch with 24/7 roadside assistance, superior build quality and unrivalled fuel efficiency from just R3250 per month. #ShouldaGotAVivo #PoloVivo #Volkswagen

Automotive Service Excellence | MUJI VW Ladysmith | CHANGECARS
Soft Serve: Polo Vivo Special Offer

Polo Vivo love continues as we offer the Trendline for just R3 399 per month*!

But wait, there’s more… Take up our offer and we’ll automatically UPGRADE you to a Comfortline! Rush to your nearest or preferred dealer –….

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Beyond the Drive

A life well driven is a life well lived. 😊 As you continue to make Volkswagen part of your daily experiences; we shall continue to make cars that live with you, beyond the drive. #BeyondTheDrive #Volkswagen

VW Night School Launch

Last month we launched Mzansi’s first-ever night driving safety course at Zwartkops Raceway; along with our trusty Volkswagen Advanced Driving crew! In our commitment to driving safer roads and a safer world for all; our pioneering #VWNightSchool launch event was well-received by the road traffic authorities, journalists and content creators present. Take a look and don’t forget to enroll TODAY: #VWNightSchool #RoadSafety #AdvancedDriving #VWAdvancedDriving #NightDriving

VW Night School – Outro
VW Night School – 4: Skids
VW Night School – 3: Hijacking
VW Night School – 2: Speed and braking
VW Night School – 1: Checking your lights
VW Night School – Intro
WRX Polo R Supercar co-pilot experience

Meeting ‘Wilma’, the World Rally Cross (WRX) Polo R Supercar is special. But getting to experience ‘Wilma’ as a co-pilot, not much can compare. Join Volkswagen Group South Africa Chairperson and Managing Director, Martina Biene, as she experiences a lap around the WRX Killarney circuit, with five time WRX Champion, Johan Kristofferson. @GoProSouthAfrica #VWMotorsport #WorldRX #PoloWRX #VolkswagenClassic

EasyDrive Vehicle Plans – The Difference

From convenient service to comprehensive all-round maintenance – our EasyDrive Vehicle Plans have you covered! As an added benefit; they can be extended up to 10 years / 300 000km. Jonathan Mogotsi explains the difference between our EasyDrive Service Plan and the recommended EasyDrive Maintenance Plan. Watch and learn. 👓 📝 Find out more –… Buy online – #EasyDrive #ServicePlan #MaintenancePlan #Volkswagen

Volkswagen Junior Masters – 2019 SA Tournament

#VW4Good Our 2019 Volkswagen Junior Masters tournament was the first that included a girls tournament component. This resulted in an even bigger, more exciting and inclusive spectacle. Take a look! #VWJuniorMasters #VW4Good

Volkswagen Junior Masters – Road to Paris

#VW4Good In 2016, a group of bright young soccer players had a once-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase their talent globally at the Volkswagen Junior World Masters tournament in Paris, France. This is the story of those brave youngsters and the passionate coach that led them on an international journey of discovery. #VWJuniorMasters #VW4Good

Volkswagen Junior Masters – Life Goals Promo

#VW4Good Before we had the VW Vaya Cup, we had Volkswagen Junior Masters. Much like the current version of this youth tournament; Junior Masters gave young soccer players an opportunity to realise their potential, learn valuable life skills and, most importantly, to dream. Take a look at how this event provided Mzansi’s young talent with the ultimate GOAL: representing our country on the world stage! #VWJuniorMasters #VW4Good

VW Train 4 Life: Join the Journey

#VW4Good For young girls living in Thembisa, today is different. Today, they are ready to chase after their dreams. Being involved in VW’s Train 4 Life programme over 10 weeks has equipped them to be stronger, more confident and have a better understanding of what it is to be a girl in Mzansi. Eager and ready to step out and make their mark. #VWTrain4Life #VW4Good Driving girl empowerment in SA. Join the Journey.

GTC Supa Cup Round 2 Recap – 2023

#Volkswagen #Racing #Motorsport Bradley Liebenberg made an impressive comeback on his favourite circuit for round 2 of the 2023 GTC Supa Cup! In the end, he snuck into the top 3 in the overall driver standings – behind leader Keegan Campos and Jonathan Mogotsi. WATCH! #VWMotorsport #Volkswagen #Motorsport #Racing

CompCare Polo Cup Round 2 Recap – 2023

#Volkswagenb#Racing #Motorsport The second round of the 2023 CompCare Polo Cup introduced an added incentive for the drivers, with this season’s overall winner touted to join the Volkswagen Motorsport GTC Supa Cup team in 2024! As always, the Killarney International Raceway served up its fair share of competitive racing and on-track drama. Giordano Lupini won both races; although Charl Visser’s accumulated points tally was enough to see him widen his lead at the top of the driver standings. Take a look at what happened in May 2023… #VWMotorsport #Volkswagen #Motorsport #Racing

GTC Supa Cup Round 1 Recap – 2023

#Volkswagen #Racing #Motorsport The 2023 GTC Supa Cup was off to a flying start after the closely-contested first race, wherein Keegan Campos staved off a stern challenge from Jonathan Mogotsi! Drama in the second race led to a repeat 1-2 finish for both, also mirrored in the standings after round 1. Watch the recap… #VWMotorsport #Volkswagen #Motorsport #Racing

CompCare Polo Cup Round 1 Recap – 2023

#Volkswagen #Racing #Motorsport An eventful start to the 2023 CompCare Polo Cup season saw Charl Visser lead the standings, with Dawie van der Merwe hot on his heels! Let’s take a look at what happened back in March 2023… Also stay tuned for a full series of recaps from this season’s races. #VWMotorsport #Volkswagen #Motorsport #Racing

Volkswagen Family Offers – Paramedic (Polo Vivo)

#SpecialOffers#PoloVivo It’s painfully obvious: VW Family Offers are so good, you can’t ignore them. 😉 Learn more – #VWFamilyOffers #VolkswagenOffers #SpecialOffers #PoloVivo

Volkswagen’s Service Cam

#VolkswagenService#ServiceCam Enjoy a transparent vehicle service experience with Volkswagen’s Service Cam! While your beloved Volkswagen is getting some much-deserved TLC; you can keep an eye on it while giving yourself the same pampering. 😌 Learn more about our value-added service offerings:…. #VolkswagenService#ServiceCam


See a recap of the order of events at VAG EAST RAND’s PULL UP event hosted on the 29th of July at Lakeside Car Wash. With MUJI Volkswagen Springs as the main automotive sponsor.

A Masterclass in Pre-owned vehicles

Peace-of-mind used-car ownership has been mastered. Find your match with Volkswagen MasterCars:…. #MasterCars #EasyDrive #UsedCars #ServicePlans #MaintenancePlans #Volkswagen

Polo Vivo EasyFinance offer

Drive away in a Polo Vivo Trendline from as little as R3 590 per month*! *Ts & Cs apply. Learn more:…. #PoloVivo #EasyFinance #FinanceOffers #instalment #specialoffers

Popping and Locking – Tyre Tools & Anti-theft Lock Nut

Keeping your wheels and tyre-changing tools secure, safe and in place. That’s how we roll. #PoloVivo #PoloSedan #PoloHatch #TCross #Taigo #TRoc #Golf #Tiguan #Allspace #Touareg

No-brainer: IQ.DRIVE Assistance Systems

Volkswagen cars are pretty smart cars. Literally! Through our impressive suite of IQ.DRIVE assistance systems; artificial intelligence bails you out when things get real. #Taigo #TRoc #Golf #Tiguan #Allspace #Touareg

Let the sun shine in – Panoramic Sunroof

Open up a whole new world with Volkswagen’s panoramic sunroof. #PoloHatch #Taigo #TRoc #Golf #Tiguan #Allspace #Touareg

Protecting Pedestrians – Pedestrian Monitor

Volkswagen’s Pedestrian Monitor looks out for all road-users, not just motorists. #PoloHatch #TCross #Taigo #TRoc #Golf #Tiguan #Allspace

Look Mama, no hands! – Park Assist

Get in where you fit in with Volkswagen’s convenient autonomous Park Assist. #PoloHatch #TCross #Taigo #TRoc #Golf #Tiguan #Allspace #Touareg

Locked and loaded – Boot Key Lock

Automatically close and lock your boot from outside or inside your Volkswagen, conveniently securing your luggage or cargo. #TRoc #Tiguan #Allspace #Touareg

In case of emergency – Emergency Assist

When a potentially-hazardous driving situation is detected, Volkswagen’s Emergency Assist kicks in with life-saving precautionary and evasive measures. #TRoc #Allspace

The right connections – App-Connect

Stay connected safely and conveniently while you’re on the move. App-Connect transfers the view and functionality of important apps from your smartphone to your Volkswagen’s infotainment screen. #PoloVivo #PoloSedan #PoloHatch #TCross #Taigo #TRoc #Golf #Tiguan #Allspace #Touareg

View it your way – Digital Cockpit Pro

Customise your view of all important driving information, including navigation, with Volkswagen’s Digital Cockpit Pro. #PoloHatch #TCross #Taigo #TRoc #Golf #Tiguan #Allspace #Touareg

Sweet Jams – Traffic Jam Assist

Let Volkswagen’s Traffic Jam Assist take over the effort and stress associated with rush-hour traffic. #TRoc #Allspace

Rear guard action – Rear View Camera

You never know what’s lurking behind you. Volkswagen’s Rear View Camera does! #PoloVivo #PoloSedan #PoloHatch #TCross #Taigo #TRoc #Golf #Tiguan #Allspace #Touareg

We got your back – Rear Traffic Alert

Using a combo of audio-visual warnings plus emergency-braking intervention; Volkswagen’s Rear Traffic Alert is like having eyes at the back of your head! #PoloHatch #TCross #Taigo #TRoc #Golf #Tiguan #Allspace

Stay in your lane – Lane Assist

Volkswagen’s Lane Assist keeps you on the straight and narrow by reading road markings and gently controlling the steering. #PoloHatch #TCross #Taigo #TRoc #Golf #Allspace #Touareg

I see you – Blind Spot Monitor

Even when you don’t; Volkswagen’s Blind Spot Monitor sees what’s coming up behind you and reacts. #TCross #Taigo #TRoc #Golf #Tiguan #Allspace #Touareg

Braking the cycle – Emergency Braking (front assist)

Volkswagen’s Emergency Braking Font Assist intervenes when you can’t, braking to help avoid damaging front collisions. #PoloHatch #TCross #Taigo #TRoc #Golf #Tiguan #Allspace #Touareg

See you around – Area View

Spot all possible hazards around your Volkswagen with Area View. #TRoc #Tiguan #Allspace

Carefree Cruising – Adaptive Cruise Control

Cruise through long-distance driving blues. Adaptive Cruise Control lets you set your own pace and sit back while it adapts to changing driving situations. #PoloHatch #TCross #Taigo #TRoc #Golf #Tiguan #Allspace #Touareg

Adventure like a Rack Star – Tow Bar Mounted Bike Rack

Form and function merge beautifully in this ultimate outdoor-adventure accessory. #PoloVivo #PoloSedan #PoloHatch #TCross #Taigo #TRoc #Golf #Tiguan #Allspace #Touareg #VolkswagenGenuineAccessories

Towing the line – Tow Bar

Sturdy and convenient – a genuine Volkswagen tow bar ensures you’re always ready to pull your own weight…and more!

Bringing Style Back – Tailgate Chrome Strip

Bring sexy back to your tailgate with a stylish chrome strip that also protects your paintwork when loading the boot. #PoloVivo #PoloHatch #TCross #T-Roc #Tiguan #VolkswagenGenuineAccessories #CarAccessories

Sill-ver Linings – Door Sill Strips

Customise your Volkswagen with model-specific aluminium door sill strips. #Polo Hatch #TCross #Taigo #TRoc #Tiguan #VolkswagenGenuineAccessories

Rack ’em up! – Roof Racks & Roof Box

Stay on top of your adventure game with these stylish branded Volkswagen Genuine Roof Racks and Roof Box. #PoloVivo #PoloSedan #PoloHatch #TCross #Taigo #TRoc #Golf #Tiguan #Allspace #Touareg #VolkswagenGenuineAccessories

Mud Style – Mud Flaps

Show your Volkswagen some mudderly love with Volkswagen Genuine mud flaps! #PoloVivo #PoloSedan #PoloHatch #TCross #Taigo #TRoc #Golf #Tiguan #Allspace #Touareg #VolkswagenGenuineAccessories

Reinventing the wheel – Dynamic Wheel Hub Caps

We dare you to take your eye off our Dynamic Wheel Hub Caps, which will keep the VW badge upright even when the wheels are in motion. #PoloVivo #PoloSedan #PoloHatch #TCross #Taigo #TRoc #Golf #Tiguan #Allspace #Touareg #VolkswagenGenuineAccessories

Footing the bill – Branded Foot Mats

Investing in vehicle-branded foot mats not only adds individual style to your Volkswagen; it also makes the vehicle easier to clean inside, while protecting your carpets from wear-and-tear. #PoloVivo #PoloHatch #TCross #Taigo #TRoc #Golf #Tiguan #Allspace #Touareg #VolkswagenGenuineAccessories #PackTheAdventure #CarAccessories

Room for the rugged – Boot Tray

Our durable boot tray can accommodate heavy-duty or abrasive loads without damaging your boot floor. #Polo Hatch #TCross #Taigo #TRoc #Golf #Tiguan #Touareg #VolkswagenGenuineAccessories #CarAccessories

Loading on the flipside – Boot Inlays

Feel the zen of Volkswagen’s convenient and flexible boot inlay. #TCross #Taigo #TRoc #Touareg #VolkswagenGenuineAccessories #CarAccessories

VW Car Care Tips – Know your tyre labels

Fitting the correct tyres to your vehicle will increase their service life and keep you safe on the road. Let’s play the numbers game with Donovan and Nicholas Goliath as they reveal the meaning of tyre labels. If you are a Volkswagen customers, you are welcome to contact our Volkswagen Alert team on 0860 434 737 for tyre puncture roadside assistance or any other emergency car assistance.

VW Car Care Tips – Getting to know your Poly V belt

Don’t let a car service or car parts be foreign to you ever again! Tune in as our Car Care Champions Donovan and Nicholas Goliath share some insightful tips on the Poly V / Ribbed Belt: what it is and what to look out for.

VW Car Care Tips – Topping up on coolant (antifreeze)

Keep your car as cool as you are. 😎 Nicholas and Donavan Goliath highlight the importance of preventing the contamination of your vehicle’s cooling system using Volkswagen coolant (also part of our genuine car parts).

VW Car Care Tips – Maintaining your tyres

Tyres are the only point of contact between your vehicle and the road so they need proper care. Doing so can also prevent the need for tyre puncture roadside assistance. Donovan and Nicholas Goliath are here to help you ensure your tyre game is always on point! Take a look.

VW Car Care Tips – How to check your oil

It can be a slippery subject, but keeping your engine well lubricated with the correct oil specification, positively influences its efficiency and longevity. Whether or not you have a car service plan, you should be checking your oil level regularly. Watch our smooth operators Nicholas and Donovan Goliath walk you through this important task.

VW Car Care Tips – Check your cam belt

Whether or not you know what it is, how it looks or even how it works – you need to pay special attention to your Volkswagen’s cam belt. Our Car Care Champions Donovan and Nicholas Goliath can relate, but are happy to take you through everything you need to know about one of the most important car parts in your vehicle.

VW Car Care Tips – How to save fuel

Over-and-above a service and maintenance plan for vehicles; now more-than-ever we need to be aware of how we consume and conserve fuel. Let Nicholas and Donovan Goliath be your fuel-consumption gurus with these useful tips. ⛽

VW Car Care Tips – How to change a flat tyre

Volkswagen’s Car Care Champions Donovan and Nicholas Goliath are here to help you navigate the sometimes tricky task of changing a flat tyre. Already a Volkswagen driver? Contact our Volkswagen Alert team on 0860 434 737 for tyre puncture roadside assistance or any other emergency car assistance.

Volkswagen Motorsport – Taking on Simola Hillclimb 2023

Volkswagen Motorsport’s trip to Simola Hillclimb raised some eyebrows, and excitement levels, after unveiling that the WRX Polo R Supercar would be competing with Petter Solberg as the pilot.

Catch the best moments from their trip to Knysna.

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MUJI Suzuki Media

Suzuki Safety Features and How They Work

When it comes to driving, safety should be your top priority. Join us as we explain all the passive and active safety features typically found on Suzuki cars, while having a bit of fun too:

How To Be A Safer Driver

When it comes to driving, safety should always be your top priority. Here are a few safety tips we’ve found useful and that we hope you can benefit from too.

Link: #SuzukiSA

Road To Simola Hill Climb 2024 x Suzuki Swift Sport

Simola Hillclimb is around the corner, and we’re gearing up for an adrenaline-fueled event.

We have Wesley Greybe, Thomas Falkiner, and Brendon Staniforth behind the powerful Swift Sport steering wheel on the track, who do you have your money on? Let us know in the comment section below.

#WhereToNext #SHC2024 #SimolaHillclimb #SHC #KnysnaSpeedFestival

Suzuki Grand Vitara

The new Grand Vitara is an aesthetic masterpiece and pays homage to its legacy with an innovative design and class-leading features:…

Suzuki Swift Sport Takes on Simola HillClimb 2024

There you have it! Our powerhouse lineup of drivers for the upcoming Simola HillClimb.

Advanced driving instructor Wesley Greybe will be joined by motoring journalists Thomas Falkiner (Times Live) and Brendon Staniforth (Maroela Media) in a trio of 2023 Suzuki Swift Sport Models.

Stay glued to our timeline for exclusive sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes action, and more as we speed towards the big day.

#WhereToNext #SHC2024 #SimolaHillclimb #SHC #KnysnaSpeedFestival

Suzuki Jimny 5 Door

It’s in our DNA to explore. We push boundaries, seek new horizons, and forge paths where none exist. Find your adventure. Discover your freedom. Introducing the all-new Suzuki Jimny 5-door. Born to explore, built for more. #BornForMore

Book a test drive:

Virtual Drive – Jimny 5-door

It’s here! Hop along for a ride in the all-new Suzuki Jimny 5-door. If it’s pure excitement you’re after, it’s here to deliver MORE. #SuzukiSA

Suzuki Fronx 90s

Drive your story, shape your new. Introducing the all-new Suzuki Fronx:

10 Thing you should probably NEVER do to your car!

Ever heard a strange sound coming from your car? Ever wondered how far you can drive, once your fuel light comes on? Some things are just not worth the risk. Here are 10 things you should probably NEVER do to your car!

Jimny 5-Door Prelaunch

The all-new five door Jimny is a story passed down four generations, selected by nature to overcome even the toughest conditions.

Suzuki Jimny 5-Door Product Video

The all-new five door Jimny is a story passed down four generations, selected by nature to overcome even the toughest conditions.

Suzuki Jimny 5-Door Launch

Welcome to the official launch of the Suzuki Jimny 5-Door. Thank you for joining us. #BornForMore

Suzuki Jimny Gathering ’23 – Guinness World Record

Suzuki Jimny owners gathered to set a new world record. #JimnyGathering #BornForThis

Suzuki Grand Vitara

#LiveTheLegacy with the new Suzuki Grand Vitara:

Suzuki Fronx

Drive your story, shape your new. Introducing the all-new Suzuki Fronx:

Suzuki XL6

The all-new Suzuki XL6 – #ThinkBig

Suzuki XL6 Launch 2023

Welcome to the official launch of the all-new Suzuki XL6. Thank you for joining us. #ThinkBig

Suzuki Fronx

Drive your story, shape your new. The all-new Suzuki Fronx:…

Suzuki Fronx Launch 2023

Welcome to the official launch of the all-new Suzuki Fronx. Thank you for joining us. #ShapeYourNew

Suzuki Dzire

The Dzire gives you comfort and design flowing seamlessly through classic sedan styling. Touches of silver in its black interior tie the look together, giving you affordable luxury that gets attention. The spacious cabin frees up your movement while the ergonomically-placed controls allow you to enjoy every drive. #GivreInToDzire

Suzuki Eeco

Let’s get eextra with the new Suzuki Eeco

Suzuki Celerio

The new-gen Suzuki Celerio – #MoveSmart

Suzuki Baleno

The New Gen Suzuki Baleno – #OthersWillFollow

Suzuki Jimny Gathering – September 2023

Ask me anything about 4×4’s…

The all-new Suzuki Grand Vitara

The Grand Vitara is a sleek and stylish compact SUV that’s perfect for those who crave adventure and versatility. With its impressive features, such as a powerful 1.5 litre engine, ample cargo space, and cutting-edge safety technology, the Grand Vitara is a vehicle that you won’t want to miss out on:

Suzuki Jimny Gathering – Life Of Mike x Outdoor Warehouse Competition

Everything is an adventure in a Jimny, Share your own #JimnyAdventure, tag @jimnygathering and stand a chance to win 1 of 5 R5000 Outdoor Warehouse vouchers. Ts and Cs apply, winners announced 1 August 2023.

Suzuki Grand Vitara – Heritage

The Grand Vitara is back and designed for those bold enough to write their names in history. The new Grand Vitara is an aesthetic masterpiece and pays homage to its legacy with an innovative design and class-leading features. From its dual-sliding panoramic glass sunroof (GLX only) to its stylish leather interior and its efficient keyless entry – the Grand Vitara gives you a luxury drive that leaves a lasting impression every time you get on the road.

Suzuki Grand Vitara Launch 2023

Welcome to the official launch of the all-new Suzuki Grand Vitara. Thank you for joining us. #LiveTheLegacy


Grand Vitara Model Line-up and Pricing:

Starting from R339 900


Grand Vitara 1.5 GL Manual R339 900

Grand Vitara 1.5 GL Auto R359 900

Grand Vitara 1.5 GLX Manual R397 900

Grand Vitara 1.5 GLX Auto R417 900

Grand Vitara 1.5 GLX Hybrid AllGrip Auto R529 900


Pricing includes:

6 year / 90 000km introductory service plan

5 year / 200 000km promotional warranty

Jimny Gathering – September 2023

Brendon Carpenter, Suzuki Auto SA Brand Marketing Manager shares our vision for the #JimnyGathering and why we’re heading to Clarens in September. Enjoy a sneak peek of the venue and its surroundings! #SuzukiSA #BecauseJimny #BornForThis

The New Suzuki S-Presso

Do More. Do Different. Do Loud. Do You, in the new Suzuki S-Presso.

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Finance Calculator




for months

PLUS a final balloon payment of

Reduce your monthly instalments and pay a lump sum at the end of your finance term.The Balloon Payment is subject to a range of factors including your credit profile, the age of the vehicle and loan term.

A range of factors including your credit profile, any payable deposit and all related finance terms will determine the final interest rate on instalments.